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We are Positive Studio and we have 7 years of experience in all kinds of Design and more than 4 years of experience working on WordPress platform.

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Clients Satisfaction

  • Website Design and Development 87%
  • Graphic Design 82%
  • Virtual Assistant 90%

VIdeo Presentation


“What an outstanding experience! This is my second time working with this designer & he never disappoint. He got back to me promptly whenever I had questions. He is patient, kind and very professional. His work is superb! He is a problem solver and he doesn’t give up on what needs to get done. Great deal for an ecommerce, responsive website.”


“I have used many that promise the world and deliver nothing. Boby has a natural ability to work with us the clients. I have used Boby for a previous project and was very satisfied with his work. Again Boby has excelled in his work. Where ever you are in the world but for me in the UK 100%.”


“Positive is really good at what they do, they’re really patient and always fast to make corrections on anything you’d like. I’ve used them for my website, company logos and Business cards. I definitely recommend!”

Frequently Asked Questions

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Which source files you include in Logo design delivery?

And if you need any other else file format.

What is your turn around time for one e-commerce site?
Which options you have for payment?

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